Install corbels and brackets without making mistakes

There is basically no difference between corbels and brackets except the fact that corbels are made of wood and brackets are made of metal, of course in most cases. Besides using them for support corbels and brackets are also used as a decorative mean. Still you need to learn more about the things that need to be avoided when you install corbels and brackets.

About this you can read below in the article.

The installation of corbels and brackets in your home can be realized using construction adhesive or nails or other products. Still it is recommended that you do not use adhesives for corbels.

The main purpose of the wood corbels is to get noticed as they are decorative pieces. This is not the case with metal brackets; they are supposed to be hidden. In this purpose they are hidden behind cabinets, shelves or under countertops.

Still corbels and brackets can still be used to support weight too. For this you have to make sure you hang them correctly. Again, this is not really the case for decorative corbels. The material in which the corbels and brackets are installed should be thick wood or studs. If you have to add extra support to the corbels you can add screws.

To make sure the installation of the brackets and corbels goes as planned it is very important to measure the area where they will be installed.

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