Instructions about tearing down a wall for an interior remodeling

The bad thing with remodeling a building that involves demolitions is the mess that is created. You can avoid a lot of afterward problems if you prepare the working area properly against dust.

First thing to do is separating the working area from the rest of the building.

You should go to a home improvement store and buy some plastic sheathing that you can use to prevent dirt spreading. You should get them at a thickness of 2 or 3 mills. To prevent leaving any traces on the wall use blue painter’s tape to hold up the sheathing instead of duct tape. Don’t leave any entrance or open area unsealed.

You don’t want to need more remodeling because the demolishing has damaged your floor. Protect it properly. For rugs or vinyl floors that don’t get scratched you could use drop cloths. For wood floors and ceramic tile floors, put a sheet of masonite the floor.

You will need to protect yourself during the remodeling. For this you can use some heavy-duty gloves a hard hat a dust mask and some safety goggles. If you prepare everything properly you can enjoy the demolition of a wall by considering it a stress relieving project and you can avoid hiring a contractor to do a job you can do yourself.

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