Learn about walls made of concrete blocks

There are various applications in which cinder or concrete blocks are used for.

In properties that need to block off a section of it or for privacy, there are installed cement block walls. Another use for the cement block walls is to minimize the sounds that are made from highways or busy streets or even to protect the ones that live across the driveway.

Also buildings like workshops, garages and sheds are made out of cinder blocks. This is often the choice of many homeowners that believe they can build rooms on their own without hiring contractors, all because the material is very easy to install. Still a lot of care is needed when using concrete blocks for buildings as they are very heavy.

You need to make sure the wall does not fall apart so the correct mixture of mortar is needed to keep the wall together. Usually mortar from local shops need only to be mixed with water. Also this is the most recommended type of mortar for such building projects.

Use a trowel to lie on mortar and square up the blocks. To keep the wall straight after installation you will need to snap a plumb line. When you add a new level of blocks always check that the wall is leveled.

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