Learn to apply drywall

The next step after completing the ceiling of your home is to apply drywall. Prepare your work by gathering all the necessary tools in a handy place. Ensure that the room where you apply the drywall is properly lightened.

You cannot attach the wallboard if the studs are not correctly in line one with each other. You will need to correct this with a straight edge aligning them. For the studs with high spots you will need to scrape away the excess with a wood plane.

Put the drywall on a horizontal position over the studs leaving the bottom edge of the sheet hanging on the floor. Take the drywall screw and screw the drywall into the studs. Install them at 4 inches distance from each other. Draw lines down the studs on the drywall face to help you drive the screws later. Do this for the entire wall.

Start preparing the area left on the wallboard to cut it. Make a line with the utility knife using a straight edge along the cutting edge. Snap the board by pulling the wallboard away from the cut and towards you. Cut along that snapped mark with the utility knife and finish the edge with sand paper that will make it smooth and even.

Next you have to install the second row following the same steps as for the first one.

The standard features of a house wall are two sheets and a gap of half an inch between them. If the gap features closer to the floor then you counter the previous property. If you want to cover the gap later you can use skirting or baseboard. Place corners bead at the end of the installation process. In the end check the walls for missing nails you may have skipped.

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