Learn to attach wall framing to concrete flooring

The next step after you build a new framed wall is to attach the wall framing to the concrete wall. This job is one that can be performed by a contractor as well as a normal person.

The area where the wall framing will be installed should be very clean.

So clean it and vacuum it as needed. Decide where you want the wall to be set and mark the place. After that you can start applying the heavy duty construction adhesive either on the wall’s sole plate or directly on the concrete floor.

Be careful as there are special adhesives used to glue wood to concrete so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions on this and that the adhesive you chosen is good. There are different specifications for different glue types. Some require to be added only on one of the surfaces while others need to be applied on both surfaces and then after an established period of time you should put them together.

Now it’s time to position the wall exactly on the marks you made earlier. Make sure you place it level and plumb. After that you must keep it carefully into position until the adhesive used has strengthened.

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