Learn to construct a drywall

If you are a beginner or a do-it-yourself person, the techniques and tricks used for a project represent the best way to assure a good work. So, any house owner will be glad to follow the advice found into this article. Here are presented some techniques for storage and preparation for hanging and also some methods for joints and finishing.

I must start by telling you that a drywall will be build on a flat surface fact that will protect its integrity. You will start by making a plan about the room and placement around it. Studs of a well framed room are placed to a precise distance of 16 inches. They are also perfectly parallel and plumb with each other. You will need to determine the number of sheets needed as they will cover 3 studs placed vertically and 6 horizontally. A very discussed problem is about hanging which can be vertical or horizontal. For a 8 feet room, the best method is horizontal hanging. On the other hand, you will need to struggle with the finishing. The project can be done vertically too and the finishes will be easier to complete. For every method chosen, you will need to make some measurements first for the position of the studs. In this way, you will know the place for the screws and also, you will find some oddly placed studs.

The joints can be butt or bevel along a wall. You will need to secure the both ends of the sheets to a stud. Studs are 1 ½ inches wide and you will have only ¾ inches for every sheet. Because of that, you will need to assure that the studs are running evenly along the edge of the stud. Bevel joints are the best option when finishing will need to be completed.  The process of hanging represents a do-it-yourself job. You will need to be careful with the sheet which must be level and plumb. You will need to use a drywall jack for large sheets and keep in mind to start with the center of a sheet by inserting screws. The screws will be placed to 6 or 8 inches along the stud. Remember that screws represent the best solution instead of nails which can damage the wall.

One very important part to take care of is the finishing. You will need to fill every joint with drywall mud and then to cover it with tape. Make sure that you add mud and tape as smooth as possible. Use successively bigger drywall knife for every layer of drywall mud. Make sure that you applied mud over all screws or nails and do it smooth. You will need to take your time if you’re a beginner, but the most important thing is to complete the project at a high standard.

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