Learn to construct a knee wall partition - Part 2

The steps below contain information about setting the knee wall partition frame in place and securing it to the adjoining wall and floor.

1. With the help of some assistants you have to raise the partition frame upright.

Now again with help from the assistants carry the frame and place it on the outline of the bottom plate you made earlier. Now you will see if you made the correct measurements when you cut the plates.

2. Now you have to do the same thing you did with the bottom of the partition frame with the side of the frame.

3. Don’t start securing the frame into the wall and stud until you make sure that it is level and plumb. For this you can use the level and the plumb and bob line.

4. You will now have to place nails every 6 to 8 inches into the interior support brace and the stud behind the drywall of the adjoining wall. There may be needed to install more nails. To see if this is the case measure the strength of the border edge of the partition frame with your hand and install more nails if necessary.

5. During the process of nailing the partition frame into the adjoining wall the level of it may have changed a bit so you have to check again is the frame is level and straight.

6. Nail the vertical stud with the knee wall partition frame using number 16 framing nails. Add 2 or more nails in the space between the outside vertical braces for more strength.

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