Learn to construct a metal stud wall - part 1

Comparing the installation of a metal stud wall and a wooden stud wall, the metal is a much easier choice. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes when using metal studs because they can easily be removed any time to repair the mistake. The steps below help you precede with the construction of a metal stud wall.

1. The equipment used with metal studs is different than the ones used with wood studs. Like the screw type, it has to be a special one that can go through metal. Also the metal can be cut using aviation snips. Renting from a local rental store is always an option when doing a job like this.

2. Now decide on the size of the metal studs you want to use. Remember that the metal is stronger if it has a lower number. Remember that cutting steel involves sharp edges that can be very dangerous, so make sure you are wearing protection gloves at all times.

3. You will have to use steel plates for the bottom and top of the room. So measure the linear feet of the room and double it. You will have to install a metal stud every 16 inches of space. Get an extra stud for each side of window or door. On the plan you have made for the room you also need to mark all the places where you will have electrical outlets or wiring installed. To protect the lines you will be able to run them through the inside of the tracks and then cover them.

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