Learn to construct a metal stud wall - part 3

1. Use the aviation snips to cut the studs at the measured size. Keep the gloves on at all times because this is a very dangerous task.

Also cut the studs necessary for the opening of the door section. Attach the stud into the bottom track with the flat side facing the inside of the door.

2. Use self tapping screws to secure the stud to the floor. Make sure the stud is plumb with the floor while you place the screw into the side of the track and stud. The same procedure applies to the top track and to each of the studs. Cut pieces of 2 by 4 at the size of the door tack. Then screw the 2 by 4s into the studs in the opening of the door. This was the framing of the door you will have on that wall.

3. Now cut studs at the exact length you have between the marks you have made on the floor and the ceiling. Use #7 screw to screw the studs into the track and always check them to be plumb. Apply the same procedure to each of the studs. Frame holes over the opening of the door using the ceiling metal track. Always check each stud to be plumb before finishing the attachment of the screws on the opposite side of the stud.

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