Learn to handle bubbles that appear in new textures

The aesthetic appeal of a room is greatly diminished if the textured-paint has bubbles in it. The texture paint can get damaged by various factors. Some of the factors that can cause bubbling in textured paint are room temperature and wall surface.

The wall on which you decide to apply textured-paint has to be clean and smooth. If you take care of these two things you will prevent any damage to the paint.

Removing the bubbles can be done in many ways. You can use a blade from a utility knife to cut a line in the bubbles and let the air just go out. Force the air out from the bubble by gently pressing on it.

Another way to remove the bubbles is to poke them with a pin. Once a hole is made in the bubble the air will come out. In order to make the area smooth use a clean cloth soaked in warm water to clean the area. Leave the surface enough time to dry.

To remove any trace of the bubble, apply the texture finish to cover that spot. If the surface had a lot of bubbles on it, you should scarp that zone before repainting it.

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