Learn to install a cabinet corbel

Along with the decorative mean that a cabinet corbel offers it also offers support for beams or arches. The designs for it are very elaborate and can be simple or more complex. The materials usually used for corbels are stone, wood or modern poly materials.

Follow these steps

1. Take the corbel and put it on the wall assuring that the top of the corbel and the wall form a 90 degree angle. You can correct this with a level. If you don’t install it at a 90 degree angle object will lean over the shelf once it is installed.

2. Don’t attach the cabinet before you make sure there is enough space for the corbel. Mark the points of installation with a pencil to know how high or low to install the corbel.

3. Drill some holes into the surface to put the screws into the corresponding points. Fasten the screws holding the corbels and make sure the structure is strong enough and secured properly before putting something on the cabinet.

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