Learn to install a sub wall

1. The first thing you need to have perfect knowledge about is the location of the wall. Also have in mind the location of the ceiling studs to make the structure perfect.

2. Next you need to gather all materials needed. This means acquiring 2×4’s, sheet rock, sheet rock putty, sheet rock nails, and extra plywood sheets from the local home supply store. Also solve the problem of carrying them to your house.
3. Start performing the measurements for the wall. Consider the length, height, width. Consider the studs in the wall because you need to adapt the length of the wall to the distance that is between studs.
Taking the measurements you made into consideration you can start building the frame. For now use only nails. If you are thinking about adding insulation you can do this before the base is built, still there is not much sense into this. Finally you can start adding drywall.
When installing the drywall make sure that it is tighten to the frame as much as possible. Next you can start adding the drywall putty to fill the seams and that use sand paper to scrape it even. It’s up to you if you want to add a texture coat to the wall.
now that the exterior of the wall is finished decide what you want to use the top of the wall for. You can either use it as a banister or a counter top.

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