Protect the wiring in a wall with a nail plate

All the wiring in a home is installed by electricians inside the walls. They drill holes in the studs and run the wiring over there. From there the wires go to other junction boxes to outlets.

If you want to hang a painting and you drill a hole into the wall, you may run into a wire and create a big mess. This is why you need to protect the wires using a nail plate. It is better to install nail plate from the initial construction of a building or during a remodeling.

To install the nail plate you have to nail in the spikes that attach the top and bottom of the nail plate into the stud while holding the nail plate on the exterior of the wiring hole.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the stud in order to attach another nail plate. Cover all wire holes in the wall to complete the protection.

Keep nail plates around the house if you are planning a remodeling because you will want to protect both the wiring and yourself from any danger.

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