The necessity of masonry wall ties

There are a lot of advantages that make masonry wall tiles perfect to use in construction. Because they are available for sale in large quantities, it means you can get a discount on this. It is very easy to use them and install them but you still need to learn more about their utility.

The material they are made of is ceramic. Usually they are laid in sequence and connected with mortar or concrete. They have a great durability and they are perfect for house building because the weather has no effect on them. Because of the great density of the wall tiles, their utility is limited. For example you can only use them on square shaped walls. You can use them on non square wall if they are reinforced.

The masonry wall tiles have a great resistance to heat. Because of this, buildings that have a bigger risk of fire hazards are more suitable for the use of masonry wall tiles. Also because they are very resistant to violent weather, areas with such a climate have a lot of houses that use these walls. The outer wall of the building is always protected from debris thrown up by a hurricane because the masonry wall tiles don’t get damaged by these.

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