Choose the wedding dress style

Being one of the most important days of your life, your wedding requires for a carefully thought dress. You can get overwhelmed by this kind of pressure, but knowing your body type and what styles you like will help you through the process. The other factors that you have to rely on are the formality of the ceremony and the season.

1. First of all analyze your body type. You have to think at the four general categories: pear-shaped (narrower shoulders, wider hips), apple-shaped (wide shoulder and large bust with narrower hips), hourglass (balanced shoulders and hips with a small waist) and athletic (shoulders, waist and hips the same width with few curves). These are just general types, it is not necessary to be in only one category.

2. For the pear-shaped bodies it is recommended to use a sweetheart neckline to highlight the shoulders and bust line.  A skirt of non-clingy fabric will skim your hips.

3. For the apple-shaped bodies and large bust line it is recommended to have a V neck or a sweetheart strapless to open the neck.

4. For the hourglass shaped bodies it is recommended to accentuate the curves with a fish-tail dress. You can choose from strapless or sleeves.

5. For the athletic type you can detail the neckline and make curves with a cinched waist.

6. If you have the wedding during winter, choose a heavier fabric and a dress with sleeves. If the wedding is during spring or summer you can use lighter fabrics.

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