Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Flowers are the main decorative agent of a wedding. Here are some examples of the most used types of flowers:

1. Calla Lilies

You can find these in any season but the prices for it differ.

Still they do not resist very well at cold temperatures and shipping. This is why they are most used during summer weddings.

2. Gardenias

You can have water bowls with floating floral arrangements with gardenias. The high price they have is given by the great fragrance that they radiate. Still you have to be very careful when you handle gardenias because they are susceptible to bruising.

3. Hydrangeas

They are the same as Lilies, they price differs with the season. Taking care of the hydrangeas means giving them enough water or else they will wilt. Also you have to dodge them from sunlight and extensive heat. The arrangements that hold them should be with a lot of water.

4. Orchids

Because they resist fine with great heat and dehydration you can take advantage of their properties and use them in hot summer weddings. Mostly, orchids are used in bouquets and body flowers.

5. Roses

Being one of the most adaptable flowers they make a perfect decoration for a wedding. They are also very romantic and work well with the mood of a wedding.

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