Wedding outfits

If you’re a guest to a friend’s wedding and you want to feel relaxed with the way you are dressed but still leave the couple shine then take advantage of the tricks below.

1. Always know what theme the wedding has because you don’t want to annoy the bride when you come up dressed totally inadequate.

This will be considered a bad manner because you are thinking more about you than the host.

Even though you are not comfortable with the theme they have chosen you still have to prove yourself a good friend and submit to the dress code.

2. Secondly, you need to inform yourself where the wedding takes place. This will help you and it will make the bride feel better.

Find out if it’s a garden wedding, beach wedding or a church wedding. Whatever the location is you need to submit to the dress code in a way that you will feel comfortable.

3. The last thing you have to take into consideration is at what time the wedding takes place.  You cannot wear day clothes in the evening. You have to think that for a beach wedding the sun will burn all day so you don’t want to be all sweaty. You need something that allows the skin to breathe.

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