About honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are the head of window blinds because of the features they provide.

As the name suggests the blinds have the design of honeycombs. If you look at the blinds from the side you will notice they look like a real honeycomb.

They are constructed of cells layered in more structures. You can match the blinds with any décor in the room. This is because you can get them in many fabrics, colors and textures. When you completely raise the blinds you will notice that the window is mostly revealed.

One great thing about these blinds is that they are very well insulated. This is due to its cell design. The air gets trapped inside these cells not being able to reach the room any more. This will help you save some money with heating or cooling.

There is a special feature that lets you lower the top part of the blind rather than raising the lower part. This is for those people that want privacy but still they want to allow some light inside the room.

For people who seek to have complete darkness in the room there is the possibility of installing blackout shades. The difference is the special material that keeps all the sun light out. Plus, at night when the lights are turned on during the nigh there won’t be a shade on the outside of the blackout shade.

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