Finding parts for window blinds

People use blinds at their windows to keep some of the sun light out, because it can get really annoying and can also destroy stuff in the room. Because of time wearing or sun rays, some parts will get damaged. This is why you are going to need replacements.

All you need is some direction and some knowledge about your blinds.

1. First thing to do is checking for the brand and model of the blind. Check the last slat for a label.

2. Calculate the size of the blind measuring the width and length. This may be useful information in choosing the new piece.

3. Remember where you bought the blinds from and contact that dealer. He must have replacements for it. Use the information you found out earlier to give them to the dealer.

4. If this was a dead end, do the same thing with the blind manufacturer.

5. Another solution is to get a blind just like yours from an auction at a reasonable price, and use pieces from that one.

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