Installing transom window blinds

Sometimes larger windows have an additional smaller window on top of them, which is called transom window. If you hang blinds on the larger window, you will need to hang blind on the transom window as well. You can choose the blind to be long enough to cover the entire window to the ground or only the transom window.

1. Mark a spot one inch away from the top edge of the top window casing board on the transom window’s sides.

2. Use the marks you made to place the blind mounts on them. Then, with a screw gun, insert the screws in the holes of the mounts to attach them to the casing board.

3. Now that the mounts are steady, you can insert the window blinds into them.

4. You will see that the window blinds have mount covers that fit into the mounts. They are meant to keep the blind assembly together.

5. You can control the height of the blinds with the cord. They can also be opened or closed using the rod.

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