Learn to stick wallpaper on window blinds

You can have all the room wallpapered and looking very smoothly, but in some corner, you notice the blinds. They will not blend with the décor, making it look very ugly. This is why you should consider covering the blinds with the same type of wallpaper.

It is an easy solution that will fix the issue.

1. First of all take off the strings that control the blinds and remove the slats. If you want to stick something on the slats you will have to make sure that they are clean first but also dry.

2. Measure the slats and cut strips of the wallpaper so they will fit the strips. Cut them for the back side also.

3. Immerse one strip into water and then set it aside. After you use the wet sponge on the strip, fold it in the accordion style.

4. Apply the first strip of wallpaper on the first slat starting with one end. Easily unfold one piece of strip at a time. Make sure when you press on the paper it is smooth. Make sure the way you apply the strips on the slats corresponds with the pattern on the wallpaper.

5. Don’t cover the opposite side of the slats until the first side is dry. Make holes in the wallpaper where the holes in the slats are to put the strings in them.

6. Even the paper on the slats until it looks good.

7. You can now hang back the slats with the strings.

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