Accessories to your guttering system

Nowadays, the most used type of guttering system is aluminum. In spite of the fact that galvanized guttering is sturdy, it has some disadvantages like difficult maintenance and need of painting.

If you look for a do-it-yourself job, a perfect choice for you is vinyl guttering which is very easy to install.

 A cheap option but not very durable is plastic guttering which can suffer damages in extreme conditions of heat or cold. While a half-round style is also available, the K-style is the most popular.

The most used sizes of gutters are 4”, 5” and 6” but other sizes can be available. Gutters can be available in a variety of colors and they use a variety of fittings and connectors. Being installed by a professional the continuous guttering is popular and avoids joints in the gutter.

A downspout is an accessory that is attached to the gutter and carries water to the ground. The number of downspouts is a very important fact for the rainfall capacity of a guttering system rather than strictly gutter size. The popular sizes of downspouts are 2”x3”, 3”x4” or 4”x5” and they have usually rectangular shape and 10’ lengths.

Elbows are used for diverting water away from the house, usually to 45 degrees and they are available in two different styles.

Mitre is an accessory that changes the direction of your gutter and it can be used outside and inside, depending to your needs. To stop a run of gutter you can use an end cap.

Spike and ferrule are important accessories if you want to have a normal flow of your gutter. The spike is inserted through the ferrule and together, they hold the gutter to the eave of the roof. Also, you can use a strap to attach the gutter downspout to the walls of your house.

Gutter leaf guard is an accessory that is placed over the top of the gutter and its role is to keep the leaves out of the gutter while letting rainwater in. There are a lot of styles available created by different manufacturers.  Another accessory that can be useful for your foundation is the splash block. This accessory diverts water away from your house but it’s efficient only if the grade of soil is already pitched away from the house’s foundation.

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