Some reasons for cleaning the gutters


Besides the beauty of the fall coming, there is a big problem with leaves just falling from trees. That’s a clogged gutter, that is very hard to clean and can also cause a lot of damage once clogged. Let’s see why you need to clean the gutter.

The first and most important reason to clean the gutter is to allow the water to drain and go away from the house’s foundation. If not, this problem will cause your house foundation problems, leaks, because of the conditions there could appear mold, and the wood that gets wet can become bowed or moldy.

Besides this the water can also destroy the sidewalks, driveways, interior floors.

There are two reasons why water could overflow the rain gutter. One is because of debris the clog it and the other may be because of the hanging brackets that are sagging on the fascia boards, or have even fallen.

Usually when the gutter is clogged, water comes over the front of the gutter.  So the health of your home depends on cleaning the gutter. It is said it’s better to clean it in the spring and late fall, even 3-4 times a year. But remember it is important to keep the gutter clean.

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