A comparison between electric and gas heat

Heating a room using electricity or gas has similar properties, still different working methods. For a homeowner to determine what type suits its house best it is necessary to study all options for its benefits and disadvantages.

Electric Heat

The electric furnace heats the air and then blows it in the room.

The system has electric coils that heat up because of electric energy carried by them. Meanwhile cold air is sucked by the system and run through the coils, warming it, so that in the end to be pumped back in the room replacing the cold air with hot air.

There is another type of electric heater, the electric baseboard heater that is installed on the floor. It works by drawing cool air from the floor and heating it inside, and then releasing it back to the room. The hot air rises and cold air gets on the floor making a continuous cycle.

Gas Heat

The gas heat, as its name suggests uses gas instead of energy to produce heat. Inside the burner the gas burns creating hot air that is later pushed back in the room. In rest it is the same as the electric heat.

Still, natural gas brings something to the environment being the single fuel that burns the cleanest. So the toxins released in the air are a lot fewer.

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