Put an end to a leaking skylight

Bad installations will most sure cause leaks in the skylight. The first thing to do when you deal with this problem is to identify the exact cause of the leak.


First of all make sure the leak isn’t in the roof. The skylight may not be the problem here, but maybe the roof has a leak and then water just sweeps through the skylight. A roofer will fix this for you.

2. After you eliminate this possibility go check the skylight yourself.

3. Remove the shingles and flashing that surround the skylight. Remove all the caulking that stands in your way because you are going to replace it anyway.

4. Place the flashing back in place but now seal it better. After that place the shingles back to.

5. If the leaking doesn’t stop, you have to check for the problem inside the house. Remove the drywall under the skylight and see if there is any gap between the framing and skylight. First you have to waterproof the gap with some silicone caulking so that after you can apply the foam insulation.

6. When the insulation is dry, reapply the drywall.

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