About the internet service from Dish Network

Dish internet is provided using satellites along with TV, radio and telephony. A connection through the satellite is very useful in case of people who live away from civilization or technology.

What does Dish offer? With the satellite internet connection you get download rates of up to 5 Mbps.

This is a much greater speed than a dial-up connection.  The problem is with the upload speed which reaches only 300Kb/s.

The signal is sent from the satellite in form of packages and received on Earth by the Dish antenna. The problem with satellite connections is that it gets affected by obstacles in the path of the signal. Also the signal is very sensible to hard weather conditions.

Another problem is that if the satellite brakes or has a problem the internet fails instantly, unless there is a backup satellite available. Beside all this, it costs you more to have satellite internet then the other options.

Dish internet service has a fair access policy. Basically, this policy states that if you perform significant downloading, your speed slows a little. This way others can still have a good connection in compensation to your heavy downloading. Dish Network also offers Internet TV services. But you should review this before opting for it.

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