Different window blinds

If you want to decide which blinds are best for you decorating style you have to follow some steps:

1. First of all choose between the two hanging ways possible: vertically or horizontally. Normally vertical blinds are the most used and they work very well with large sliding glass doors.

Horizontal blinds are more limited.

2. Another factor that differentiates blinds is the amount of light they let in. For example an aluminum blind will allow a lot if the light in while faux wood blinds will block the light.

3. Try to match the style and color of the blinds with the entire design of the house. Choose only the colors that work with the rest of the theme in the room. Aluminum for example is standard white and may fit many decors, but for more sophisticated designs you should go for the wood blinds. Still you can also get all the colors with vinyl and vertical blinds.

4. Going on, another thing to consider is the environment where the blinds will sit it. If the environment is humid like in the kitchen or bathroom you should try the faux wood blinds. You should not go for the aluminum blinds because you will have a very hard time cleaning them while their durability will be in question as well.  As for vertical blinds that hang all the way to the floor, you should reconsider them if you have children or pets around the house.

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