Description of downspout screens

Downspout screens consist in filters which are connected to gutter downspouts to block leaves and dirt from entering into it.

The main piece of a gutter installation is represented by a downspout. The gutter troughs circle the edge of a roof and drain into a main downspout, most common situated to a corner of the roof.

The place where all of the collected rain water flows down to the ground is the downspout.

Leaves and other dirt can get into the flow of water in the presence of trees around and clog up the downspout in that way causing a poor vertical drainage. These issues can be avoided by using downspout screens and filters.

The majority of these downspouts screens are designed to fit all kind of downspouts. In fact, you can think of downspout screens as an additional piece that will guarantee sooth drainage.

Also using downspouts screens, leads to a smaller necessity of maintenance in the long term. Without this piece, you will need to clear manually and periodically the downspouts. (Having screens may not eliminate this work).

If problems continue to exist after the installation of a screen or a filter, you will need to contact a professional weatherization contractor. The entire gutter system will be re-engineered at the advice of this contractor.

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