Instructions for building your own metal gutters

A good alternative to gutters already manufactured is represented by the choice to make your own metal gutters. First, you will need time and a do-it-yourself know-how. This option can be expensive if you have to buy a metal brake or a slip roller but on the other side, if you have these tools you will need to buy only the sheet of metal.

First, you have to know that aluminum is a good material and is durable in time. The corrosion of the aluminum can be prevented by an occasional maintenance. Make a plan about the amount of metal will you use and think about that standard gutters are 5”, but in areas with heavy rain fall are used gutters with 6”.

Into the second step you will have to cut and mark the piece of metal. So, you will start to mark the piece in place where they need to bend to have a flat surface to mount against the fascia or where they need to bend to fit the existing gutters. Make sure that the pieces are big enough to cover the inside and wrap around the edges. Also, you must be careful because the metal should extend at least one inch on the either side of the area where they are patching. You can bend the metal to the exact dimensions by using a template of your old ones. Then you have to create the gutter curve by feeding the sheet metal through your slip roller machine. After that, you have to bend the metal by putting the piece of sheet metal into the clamp of your sheet metal brake. To hold the metal in place, close the clamp and then move the bending bar slowly to the proper angle as it is marked on the brake. Make this process few times until you bend the metal as you want.

You will need to spread roof cement inside the old gutter and press the new piece in place if you want it to form a waterproof seal. To secure it in place well, use pliers to bend the edges down over the old gutters and use roof cement to coat the new piece. After you let the piece dry completely, you can check if it is working properly.

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