Other options to aluminum downspouts

Regardless of the fact that the house owners prefer aluminum downspouts for their houses, this kind of downspouts can easily clog and the cleaning is difficult. In this article you will find out that some other options are available for you if you’re interested to change your guttering system.

A good alternative to your aluminum downspout is represented by copper or stainless steel downspouts which are versions that last longer.

In spite of that fact, these versions can clog and cause water build up on your roof also. The best option, if you choose this kind of downspouts is to have a small number of elbows and in that way you avoid clogging.

A durable material, such as stainless steel will be a good option to run drains trough your home as well as on the outside, but it will require a good maintenance to avoid flooding and as there are many problems, this option is not the best.

If you want water to run down on the ground easily you can choose to use a rain chain. The rain chain is attached to the top of your roof and the water will run down slowly on it.

Some problems can appear using this kind of system, such as difficulty of installation or easiness of a fall down or producing damage to your roof. Furthermore, the rain could cause the appearance of rust and another problem can be created by your children who will possibly want to hang on them. An advantage for using a rain chain is that they will not suffer a clogging.

Made from copper and stainless steel, rain cups represent a good accessory to your downspout. Rain cups will give a special aspect to your house and will allow the rain to fall in a controlled quantity. They are designed not to rust or mold fact that offers them a long lifespan. Similar to rain chains, the rain cups will not clog with debris and they can be easily cleaned by leaves.

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