Amerimax gutter guards

From the many manufacturers of gutter guards on the market, Amerimax is one of the main ones. They have a big variety of models and materials. But one that is especially known from them is the hinged model made from galvanized steel.

It has a mesh structure with small apertures that can prevent larger debris like leaves from entering the gutter. But still, the smaller debris will enter the system and clog it. A good thing is that over heavy rain the mesh screen will allow a very good water flow rate meaning there will be no overflow.

To reduce the pressure from snow and ice, the panels are built in a convex shape, making them more durable. Another advantage to this shape is that leaves cannot get stuck to the top screen, even though some other debris will eventually. All in all the Amerimax gutter guard system is good but it could have had smaller apertures.

The structure is very durable because of the material it is made of, galvanized steel. The disadvantage with this type of steel is that it is not completely waterproof needing more maintenance.

To continue the list of advantages, the installation process is a simple one which you can do yourself. The gutter guard is installed with the use of clips. Although this is quite stable, on strong winds it may break down.

It’s your decision whether to choose Amerimax gutter guards and perform a little more maintenance, in exchange for good durability and low cost.

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