Instructions for removing rain gutters

A very good option if you want to save time and money is to learn how to remove rain gutters yourself. This process is a do-it-yourself job and you can perform it with just a few tools. Reading this article, you will find out how you can remove the gutters without damaging them.

You will need to examine your gutters first, if you want to know exactly the tools and materials needed into the process.

First, you will have to remove the downspout. After you’ve done that, you will remove the other parts easier. You will need to remove the bottom elbow first and then the main piece will be removed simply by unscrewing the screws or removing the nails. If you choose to let the downspout installed you risk to damage your walls.

Next, you will have to fix your ladder just under the brackets of the gutter and using a machine or a simple tool, you have to remove the nails or screws. The pieces removed will be placed safe on the ground.

Into the last step you will have to repair the damages left. So, you will have to fill up the holes created into your wall or wood fascia. You will have to use a caulk gun for the vinyl siding or a wood putty for wood fascia to fill the holes. After that, you will simply paint the places with the same color of the wall.

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