Instructions for installing an eaves trough

If you want to keep water away from your walls and house foundation it’s very important to install a quality eaves trough system. So, if you want to perform a do-it-yourself job, you can choose for aluminum or vinyl eaves troughs.

A very important fact to decide of before starting to install the system is to find out where you will install the eaves troughs.

You will have to measure the lengths of the roof edges where the eaves trough will be placed and you will need to remember about the slope for a good functionality of them. So, thinking about the fact that eaves troughs are made in length of about 10 feet, measure the lengths precisely and order the pieces plus an amount of 10 percent if you want to avoid problems with material for elbows and other objects to go around. Also, you will need to think about elbows and brackets to buy.

Then you will have to mark the place where you will install the eaves trough and start doing that thinking about the slope. You will make a mark at ½ inch under the roof edge to the opposite end of the roof from the place where downspout will be placed and one mark at the same distance of ½ inch in the place where the downspout will be installed. You will need to take care of the slope which is about 1 1/8 inch for every 10 feet of eave trough. After doing this job, you will mark the slope and make a line between it and the mark situated at the other end. Now, you will need to install the brackets by fixing them on the line you marked using a drill and resistant screws. You can install the brackets and elbows for the downspout in the same way.

Now you can install the eaves trough and cut the excess of material. Make sure that you join the pieces together using silicone caulk if you want to prevent any leaking. After you finished that job, you can install the downspout by fixing it into the brackets and apply some silicone caulk. You will need to install an elbow at the bottom end of it and you can also add a plastic pipe if you want water to be diverted at a considerable distance from your house.

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