Instructions for installing a gutter cover

Installing a gutter cover for a better protection of your gutter from leaves and other debris that can accumulate in it can be an easy job and you will not need to hire a professional. However you will need skill and strength to perform it.

The first step is represented by making a good choice when you buy the gutters.

Also you will need to buy good quality covers because they will be always in contact with water and weather conditions. You will need to be very careful when you will install the covers if you want not to damage them. The cover will attach firmly to the gutter using some small parts. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves and goggles before starting any procedure if you want to avoid hurting yourself by the dirty water which can enter your mouth or eyes. You can use a stepladder or a long ladder if you have one. Also, you can rent one from the home store at a low price.

When you want to start the process properly you will have to inspect the openings of the gutters well and if you notice signs of damages or dirt stocked in you will better replace it all. You will need to scrap and clean the gutter so, you can use a mason scooper and for scrubbing a stiff brush and water. You can also use a metal rod to clean the interior of the gutter. You will need to find fixed spikes, remove and replace them. You will use again the metal rod to get them out. A better option for you can be threaded spikes which will be drilled securely in place.

The best gutter covers are made of aluminum and vinyl. After you will carry the vinyl cover to the roof you will use a screwdriver to attach it. You will need to slide the edges of the cover under the attached shingles. In the case of aluminum gutters a groove in the shingle will snap the cover in place by applying some pressure on it. You will need to inspect your gutters periodically because storms can cause damages and you will certainly want to repair them when problems are easy to fix. The clips of the aluminum gutter will be snapped in place after you fix the cover.

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