Qualities of box gutters

Before starting to use the newer metal gutters older buildings used to have box gutters installed. These were the popular choice in the past and you need to learn about them if you want to decide to use them.

Because of their durability, performing a proper maintenance to the gutters will make them last for a very long period of time.

The lasting life of the gutters is prolonged by the inside sheet metal, used to line the box gutters.

The look of your house is not deformed by the gutters because they are built into the bottom roof or in the eaves. So you won’t have a house with gutters hanging from the edge of the roof but actually blended with the house.

Usually box gutters are made of wood and are lined up with stainless steel, tin or copper sheet metals. Because wood is not very durable, in time it may get damaged and need a replacement usually because of the exposure to weather.

If the gutters are made with tin coated steel you will need to apply the paint immediately after installation, and then repeat the process every 8 years or so.

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