Instructions for measuring new gutters

The installation of new gutters can improve the aspect and life span of your house but, you will have to do first the measurement which can be a little bit annoying. However, this can be a do-it-yourself job and you won’t need professional tools or skills. You can find some advice in the article below.

First, remember that you will have to complete this job without any injury, so it’s recommended to have an assistant to fix your ladder and help you with materials. You will need to secure the ladder before starting the measurement and remember to avoid putting heavy objects on it.

Now, you can start to measurement using the tape measure. You will note the distances measured around your house. In this way you will find out how many gutters you will need and be careful to consider and mark the places where the downspouts will be placed. You will need to think about buying a bigger amount of material needed and also, brackets or clips. To make your job easier, make a plan of your house and note all the measurement and materials needed if you want to avoid doing this job again.

This process of measurement allows you to have an overall idea about materials and installation, so you have to take your time when you complete it. Be careful that, some cities may require permits for this kind of project, so, you need to ask information before starting the process.

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