Instructions for expanding your gutters and drainage system

Gutters represent a very important accessory for a house and its lifespan. Gutters prevent damages created by the rain water which can deteriorate walls, windows and even foundation of your home. To prevent all these issues you can expand you drainage system.

In this article you will find the steps that you need to take for doing this job right.

The first step is represented by the choice of the place where you want to add the gutters. Remember that not every roof edge needs gutters and be careful if you have a roof edge where water typically runs off because you will need to ad it gutters to improve the drainage system.

Into the second step, you will have to look for the potential obstacles that you can face. Such kind of issues can appear when the weather is bad, with many rainfalls. You will have to consider the position of the downspout depending on the area where water will flow. You will not want the water to affect your garden or your house foundation. After considering this problem you can expand your gutters.

Next, you will have to measure the lengths of gutters do you need. You can buy a gutter system already having attached hangers, caps and outlet, or you can buy a simple one with the pieces to add separately. You will need to measure too the length of the downspout and be aware of the fact that they come in 10’ lengths. Then you will have to assemble the gutters and the easiest way to do this is to perform the job on the ground. You need help doing that and you must be careful to join the pieces together by 3 or 4 inches before you rivet and seal the seams.

After that, you will have to measure the length from the corner of the house to the place where you want to install the downspout. Then you will have to cut the gutter carefully and install the downspout fixing it with screws. The final step is represented by the proper installation of the system on the fascia of your house using screws and hangers. Remember that you must have the right angle to the gutter if you want water to run properly to the downspout. Ensure the elbow of the downspout is faced down and then check if the system is working properly.

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