Instructions for changing your gutters and downspouts

In time, your gutters and downspouts can’t work at same functionality as they used to do when they were new and they can become discolored and old fashioned. You can decide to replace your gutters and downspouts and you will have to follow some easy steps as below.

The first step is represented by the measurement of your old system.

So, you will start by making a plan about installing your new gutters and downspouts using the old system. You will have to count the number of hangars too and mark their place with a chalk. Also, you will have to measure the lengths of the gutters and downspouts and make a line with chalk on the top of the gutter if you want to simplify your job later. You can also think about adding some new pieces like corners caps, downspout grills or gutter covers so, you will have to count and measure these pieces precisely if you want to reduce the costs.

Step number two is represented by purchasing the materials. You will need to use your old system as guide if you want to have a correct number of pieces needed and then you can go to your home improvement center to buy them. Think about buying some excess materials in case of needing them and remember that this kind of stores allows you to return the pieces remained.

For step number three you will have to remove your old system starting on one side of your house. Be careful with the marks done for your new system and don’t wipe them off. Also, you must collect all old screws, hangars and other pieces if you want to stay away from injuries.

The next step is represented by the installation of your new system. You don’t need to measure again because you have done that before, so you will only need to align the new pieces with the existing marks. Make sure that the new section is aligned properly before you remove the next section of old gutter. The last step is represented by the installation of the accessories and checking.

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