Learn to remove the dirt from blackout blinds

In time the blackout blinds will accumulate dust and debris and you will want to clean them. To do this you will only have to follow two easy steps.

In the process of cleaning the blinds the first thing you have to consider starting with is giving them a careful dusting.

For the larger debris you can use a mini vacuum or a feather duster. You may still not have access to these mentioned tools, in which case you can use a dampened washcloth or a paper towel to get the job done. You can remove the blinds from their hinges and clean them on the ground, making the job easier and less time consuming.

The cleaning process can start as soon as you have removes all the dust from the blinds surface. Form a mixture of mild liquid soap and warm water and start spraying it over the blinds. After that, wipe the wet surface with a cloth using circular motions. You can use a soft-bristled scrub brush on any stubborn dirt stain that won’t come off with the cloth. At the end of the cleaning process wipe the whole surface with a dry cloth or a paper towel to leave the surface dry.

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