Learn to mount a gutter guard

You now it’s the moment to install gutter guards to your gutter when the accumulating leafs are just too many. Cleaning some debris off the gutter is a relatively easy job, but when you have to deal with lots of dirt and leaves and debris that take a long time to clean and remove you will realize that this job is not so nice. There is a way to avoid all this work and mess and it is called gutter guard.

You can install a gutter guard and escape from all this trouble. This way you will have protection against debris that fall inside the gutter during rainfall.

The first thing you have to assure about before starting the installation is that the gutter is clean. Use a water hose to flush all the debris that may be sitting inside the gutter.

After that you can mount the gutter guard. Cut the guard at the size of the gutter after making precise measurements, normally using metal sips for smooth edges. Install the gutter guard by pressing it and snapping it behind the shingles. There is no limit to the number of gutter guards you want to add for a better protection.

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