Is it worthy to have waterfall gutter guard?

The market offers different gutter guards. Today’s new design is the waterfall and is starting to gain popularity. Below is some information on waterfall gutter guards.

The louvered design of the waterfall system has panels with a flat stop on top followed by a lower step. The lower steps form a slot connecting two high ones. There is a drainage channel consisted of slots that is located at the bottom of each low step. The top runner slips of the top runner under the roof shingles. In the en the bottom cap is connected to the lower lip of the gutter.

Because of the design of the waterfall no leaves or twigs enter the gutter. This system filters even small debris. Another benefit is that leaves and debris don’t stick to the surface because of the step design of the panels and their slanting position upon installation.

The weakness of the system is at the drainage system. It is very narrow. Besides the slots are thin and the drainage channels can easily get clogged.

The material from which the waterfall is made is vinyl, a light flexible material, that doesn’t support big weight. The advantage is that it is very resistant to water, but not to sun rays.

You can easily mount this gutter system but you can’t really rely on its stability. The conclusion is while it lasts the waterfall gutter guard system does its job.

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