Leaf relief gutter guard description

This gutter guard system is a screen type having small holes through which water flows, while preventing other debris like leaves from passing into the gutter. The material from which the panels are made of is aluminum.

The performance of the system depends on the design of the leaf relief gutter guard.

It prevents debris from entering the gutter even larger dust and pollen mites, but not small debris like sand or pine needles. Even more the small holes can get clogged reducing the water flow.

The leaves slide down very easy because of the smooth surface but they can get stuck to the panels in rainy days, making it harder to slide down.

Aluminum is said to be one of the best materials to use in such systems, and the leaf relief gutter guard system is made of such a material. Aluminum is 100% water resistant, it doesn’t rust, and it holds out to the pressure of snow or ice in the winter even though it may eventually bend.

If installed properly, the screws which hold the gutter guard make the structure relatively stable. But the installation itself is better to be done by a professional.

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