Learn to decorate the Christmas table

As you are decorating the entire house, you will need to decorate the dinner table for Christmas.

1. Create a table centerpiece from fresh flowers bought from the florist.

Decorate the centerpiece with candles, red, green pillar candles set in candle holders or ornamented with pine cones and cranberries.

2. Fill a large glass bowl with fruits and gilded pine cones and then place it in the middles of the table. Decorate the base of the bowl with pine garlands and Christmas picks.

3. Fill a large decorative bowl with pine garland and ball ornaments, red or green on the top. Place bigger pine garlands around the bowl. Install candles on the sides of the bowls and use them to create light in the room, so that the light is reflected in the centerpiece.

4. Use a tablecloth, table runner, place mats and napkins that have holiday prints on them. Use napkin rings for the napkins and decorate them to look more like Christmas. You can also buy special napkin rings that are already decorated in a Christmas way.

5. The dishes you use should reflect the holiday spirit as well. Try to use colors that match the ones of the fabric you used to decorate the table.

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