Some decorating tips for the living room for Christmas

1. Choose a theme a stick to it. For example use the same theme you used for the Christmas tree in the living room as well.

Another option is to go for plain decorations colored in Christmas style.

2. First decorate the furniture. Decorate the couches and chairs with throws and pillows colored in festive ways. You could actually use them during other times of year if you choose solid colors.

3. Decorate the windows by hanging festive-colored curtains or drapes. The look of the room will change completely. If you don’t have the money you can purchase colored fabric from the craft store and change them into curtains.

4. Fill the room with candles to give it a soft glow while they can also have Christmas scents.

5. Make presents out of empty boxes wrapped in colored paper and place them in the room. you can turn the coffee table into a gift if you wrap its top.

6. To make a complete Christmas décor you can also play some Christmas carols in the living room.

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