Use red and white to decorate a Christmas buffet table

Because of various reason and because they are used in many Christmas traditions, red and white seem to be the Christmas colors. If you decide to be the host of a buffet for the Christmas dinner you can do it elegantly by adding red and white colored decorations to the table.


Use a red tablecloth along which you can place a white table runner.

2. Along the top of the table runner you can arrange some chafing dishes. Choose the serving dishes so that they are colored in red and white.

3. Set the dishes at the beginning of the buffet line in alternating colors of red and white. Do the same things with the napkins.

4. Get the bowls for condiments also in red and white and place them on the other side of the table, opposite to the dishes.

5. Get some red and white circular peppermint candies and place them in a tall cylindrical vase. You can add candy canes with the curved part hanged on the edge of the vase. Use this vase as a centerpiece.

6. Decorate the base of the chafing dishes and other dishes with red and white ornaments.

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