Cutting the copper gutter

The general aspect of the exterior of your house can be improved by copper gutter installation. These gutters represent troughs that have the form of a semi circle and they are installed with the use of fascia brackets. Into the process of installation you will possibly need to cut the material to a specific length and you’ll need some special materials like: copper gutter, hammer, nail set, screwdriver, measuring tape and tin snip.

The first step into this process is represented by the measurement. You’ll need to climb to the place where gutter begins on a section of a roof edge and your assistant should be to the other end of the gutter. You’ll need to take precise lengths into the process of measurement if you want to avoid any issues later.

Step number two is represented by turning the gutter with the curved side faced up and using a marker, you’ll mark the length that you should cut.

Taking the step number three, you will need to use the nail set, which is a steel tool with a hardened point that is used for setting nails, make a dent on the copper gutter by hammering its tip on the material. You will locate the dent that you have made by turning the gutter and using a screwdriver, you’ll hammer a hole through the material. Using a tin strip, cut along the mark you have made and then you will be able to install your new gutter.

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