Instructions for installing steel gutters Part 1

A very durable and affordable option for your guttering system is steel. This kind of gutters doesn’t corrode and rust easily and they can suffer from leaks just in few cases. The process of installation can be a do-it-yourself job if you follow the steps bellow correctly.

So, you will start by marking the places where you will install the gutters and calculating the angle of the slope if you want water to run efficiently through the system and away from your house. In this way you will prevent blockages, clogging and other issues that can appear. You will need to calculate the separate lengths of gutter that you will install and make measurements for the slope.

First, you will mark the place of the highest point of the gutter at ½ inch under the shingles and then you will subtract ¼ inch for every 10 feet of gutter. So, if the downspout place is situated to 20 feet away from the place where gutter starts you will have a slope of ½ inch. You will mark this place too.

Now, you will mark a line between these two points and now, you know the place where the gutter will be installed and the slope. You will start the installation process by mounting the brackets. You will locate first the rafter tails which are situated behind the fascia and have an approximately distance of 16 inches between them and mark every place where they are situated.

Now, you will create pilot holes of ½ inch diameter through the fascia board in the places where you marked the rafter tails and install the brackets by using ½ inch diameter steel screws. Make sure that the screws are long enough to reach the rafter tail. You will start now to install the first gutter piece.

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