Solve the problem with icicles that hang from your gutter

Hanging icicles can mean roof damage if not treated quickly. Your gutter may have ice damping inside and that’s why you have icicles. Eventually this ice can damage the roof.

First check that there is no damage on the rafters. Look into the attic. The roof structure will be affected by the freezing water. Repair the roof immediately of you see water inside it, don’t let it leak.

If the temperature in the gutter is below 32 degrees than a gutter ice dam will form. The water on the roof melts and flows down the gutter hitting the already formed ice and this will cause the ice to grow at a fast rate.

To reduce ice-damming under the fascia and under the first row of the shingle roof you can install gutter caps just under the second row of shingles. You can also use heater caps if ice-damming is an often problem. You install the heat caps on top and inside the gutter and a heat cable into the downspouts and when you press the switch the cable heats up and melts the ice. You won’t have any ice problem with the gutter if you decide to install heat caps.

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