Find out how to prevent a wall stud from bending

There are different reasons why a wall stud becomes bowed. The most common reasons why this happens are moisture or dryness in walls, or the great structural weight that presses the stud. Learn more about these factors in the article below.

The most used material to make wall studs is wood. And the thing about wood is that it swallows when it gets wet and it shrinks when it gets dry. Now if the insulation and exterior wall cladding are applied when the wood is still wet, probably in the winter or spring then the wall studs are probably going to get bowed.

The other reason why wall studs get bowed is the weight they have to support. Always check the load they are rated for before deciding to make changes in your home’s structure like adding a floor.

If the temperature between the exterior and interior of the wall is uneven then the wall studs can bow. This usually happens because the wood expands and shrinks at warm and cold temperatures and if the insulation is insufficient then that happens.

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