Maintenance for the fire damper

The fire damper is a product that has the purpose to protect you of fire; more precisely, it is installed in the ductwork of the ventilation and prevents fire or smoke to spread. The damper works in the following way. When the temperature in the ductwork rises, which means there is a fire burning, the damper closes and stops the fire and smoke to spread.

So this article refers to the maintenance you need to perform to the damper to meet local building inspection codes.

  1. Use a soft cloth and soapy water to regularly clean the damper blades. The result should be the blades opening and closing properly once you are done.
  2. Lubricate all moving parts in the damper, all linkages. Keep in mind that petroleum-based products will bring more dust on the damper.
  3. The final test will be about the actuator’s mobility. This is what makes the damper open and close. Use a heat source and record the time ratio and then compare it with the ones specified by the manufacturer.

Regarding how often you should perform a damper maintenance, the first maintenance is usually performed after a year of the installation. If the location of the dampers makes it difficult for you to perform a proper maintenance you can hire a professional company that handle these job.

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